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I recently got the chance to go to Paris for the Fashion Week, where I had backstage tickets to one of the catwalk shows. Amidst swarms of fashion photographers and journalists (and one grubby street photographer), some of the world's top models were getting ready, doing interviews and having naps. There were also rare sightings of models at the buffet table, but once they caught your gaze they would dart off like deer in the headlights. Though I have never done 'fashion photography' I figured this would be as fun a place as any to try to take what I have learned on the streets of India and show a different side of this glamorous event. In the chaos of preparation and the excitement of the runway, these are some of the moments I stumbled upon...

The models had to sit for hours while hair and makeup teams went to extraordinary lengths to make them all look exactly the same


At any one time, about six hands would be plucking, twisting, painting, rubbing and brushing out any kinks for the show


Models were expected to be ready to pose for the dozens of photographers doing laps of the backstage area


It was all too much for some....


It can be hard to find that 'unguarded moment' with models...they can hear your lens focusing from up to 500 yards away, and pose in the blink of an eye


If not posing or being plucked, models were being interviewed on the collection


It's important to water your models regularly, and keep them out of direct sunlight!

Miranda Kerr, just before being swarmed by screaming fans outside

Waiting for the show...

 The buildup lasted 2 hours or so, but the show itself was no more than 5 minutes

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